2015 year to date UK AltFi volume surpasses entire 2013 volume!

By Sam Griffiths on 21st April 2015

Everybody knows that the UK Alternative Finance industry is growing quickly but it is good to illustrate exactly how quickly. Last week the UK industry reached another milestone.  2015 year to date origination surpassed the origination volume for the whole of 2013, with £653m of financing provided. Interestingly there are currently 25 platforms included within the Liberum AltFi Volume Index UK.  At the end of 2013 6 of those platforms had yet to write their first business. The chart below breaks out 2013 and 2015 cumulative origination by month, illustrating the step change within the industry.

2015 year to date UK AltFi volume surpasses entire 2013 volume!

So where does this strong start to the year indicate that the industry will be at the end of the year? Well, at the end of 2014 AltFi Data predicted 2015 UK origination of £2.85bn. The industry is now ahead of the run rate required to achieve this. Indeed, if it keeps growing at the current trajectory, the industry could well originate just over £3bn this year, taking the cumulative origination volume since inception to £5.7bn – check out the chart below.


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