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Revolut and Sweatcoin partner for free premium account promotion

Fancy three months of Revolut Premium? You just might be in luck…

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Revolut & Sweatcoin.

Revolut and Sweatcoin have quietly come together in a partnership that could offer a lot of people a sneak peek into their Premium worlds.

The two fintech powerhouses have partnered to offer six months of Sweatcoin premium and three months of Revolut premium, all for free.

The catch? The promotion is only for first time Revolut users.

You also can’t already be a Sweatcoin premium member at the time.

Users of the move to earn app have been emailed a unique link to sign up for Revolut, or can find it on the app.

So, on the off chance you aren’t one of the super app’s more than 20 million customers, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to try it out.

To validate the promotion, customers will need to make three payments of £5 (or equivalent value) through Revolut, at least one of which has to be before the end of the promotion period on 12 January.

After this, users can upgrade their personal account to plus, premium or metal.

These plans typically cost £.99, £6.99 and £12.99 per month, respectively.

Premium users will get a number of different benefits, including better daily interest rates, higher free ATM withdrawal limits, lower crypto exchange fees and a variety of travel saving and protection.

On the Sweatcoin side of things, users will get a code to claim their three months of premium, which normally costs £4.99 per month or £59.88 (currently reduced to £24.99) per year.

Users of premium can earn more SWEAT (Sweatcoin’s cryptocurrency which launched last month), unlimited sweatcoins (its own coin) and have their charitable donations through the app doubled, among other benefits.

So run, or walk, to Sweatcoin’s app to get a chance to upgrade both your accounts for free.

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