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Revolut customers can now trade almost 100 different crypto tokens

The super app is on a crypto roll, adding a new Learn & Earn course with 1inch alongside its course with Polkadot.

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It has been a busy few weeks for Revolut’s crypto team.

After launching a feature to let customers make any Revolut card into a “crypto card”, the app has added 12 new tokens, bringing the total number available to customers in the UK and the EEA close to 100.

With the new card feature, Revolut customers can now use their cards to spend their crypto, switching between currencies as normal, but now with the added option of digital currencies.

In addition to the expansion of cryptocurrencies on offer, Revolut has added a new currency to its ‘Learn & Earn’ courses, which launched in July and hit one million users just one month later. 

“When we introduced the ‘Learn & Earn‘ courses, we aimed to make the crypto world more accessible to a larger public,” Revolut crypto general manager Emil Urmanshin said.

“The results exceeded our expectations and we are confident in the impact of the project.”

2.6 million customers have now completed the learning courses, and the new series of lessons on offer has been developed with 1inch Foundation.

Urmanshin said it will bring customers “more clarity” on different crypto concepts.

As with the original courses, customers will be able to earn crypto by completing short and simple courses followed by quizzes on the content covered.

The new course adds to the existing “Crypto Basics” and “Polkadot” (earning DOT tokens) and will be split into three lessons focusing on different concepts underpinning decentralised exchanges such as 1inch.

Revolut aims to launch even more courses by the end of the year.

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