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These are the questions to ask yourself before accepting a new job

You’ve made it through rounds of interviews and finally the job offer you’ve been waiting for comes through. Time to celebrate? Not quite, writes Jobbio's Aoibhinn McBride.

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While it’s easy to get distracted by the jubilation and sheer relief—only 2 per cent of candidates who apply for a job are selected to attend a job interview while the average interview panel consists of six candidates according to data compiled by StandOut CV—that your hard work and preparation has paid off, a job offer should act as the catalyst to start asking yourself the hard questions to determine if you should accept what’s on the table or wait for something better to come along.

And while you might think salary and benefits are the most important factors, there are many other things to consider before signing on the dotted line.

How Was The Interview Process?

Did you have a good rapport with your potential new boss during the interview process? Did they seem approachable, and would you like to work with them everyday? It’s easy to solely focus on the role you’re interviewing for and look at your day-to-day responsibilities in a linear fashion, but the interview process should also give you a good steer on how easy or difficult your boss is to deal with, their communication style and how they approach tasks or problems. Any red flags now could hint at bigger problems further down the line.

What Are The Values Of The Company?

These days, a good salary and workplace perks aren’t enough to entice the best talent to work for a company. For a lot of workers, ESG (environmental, social and governance) or corporate policies need to align with their own belief systems, so before you say yes to a job offer, it’s wise to do some research to get a good grasp of a company’s values.

Will This Role Suit My Lifestyle?

If flexibility around working from home is one of your top priorities but the hiring manager has taken a leaf out of Elon Musk’s playbook and has already vocalised a preference for all staff to work on site full time, the role might not suit your lifestyle, especially if you’re a parent. And you’re not alone—according to a survey by workingfamilies.org.uk, parents are more likely to apply for roles that list flexible working options, while research conducted by EY found that 80% of employees want to work remotely at least two days a week.

How Will This Role Advance My Long Term Career Plans?

It’s easy to get swept up in the promise of a fresh slate in a new company, but is your new role in line with your long term career plans? Is it a step in the right direction rather than a move sideways that will cause the same feelings of discontent and career stagnation a year from now? If you’re not sure how you could develop your skills and experience and grow within a company, the role may not be right for you.

Why Do I Really Want To Leave My Current Role?

Your professional network is one of your most valuable assets, and building relationships can take time, so this aspect shouldn’t be overlooked when weighing up a job offer. However, if you think you’ve done all you can in your current company and there’s no scope for promotion or career advancement, external opportunities are more than likely the best option.

The good news? If your job search is still ongoing, the AltFi Job Board has hundreds of roles that are currently hiring or check out the three opportunities below.

Head of Audit, Finance & Borrowing, Monzo, London

Monzo’s internal audit team is growing, and the company is currently looking for a Head of Audit, Finance & Borrowing to join the team. Reporting to the chief auditor, you’ll be responsible for building out a team of three auditors, and will also be tasked with leading audit delivery across finance and borrowing. You’ll also work on strategy and build strong relationships with senior stakeholders and deliver value-adding and insightful reports. See the full job spec here.

Business Development/Sales Manager - Technology, eClerx, London

Part of the EMEA team, the Business Development/Sales Manager - Technology role is a unique opportunity to drive the business development of eClerx’s product portfolio. The ideal candidate will be entrepreneurial, have proven sales experience and have a background in technology, analytics, big data and/or consulting services. They’ll also be responsible for the entire sales cycle, from prospecting through to closure. Apply now.

CDD Specialist, Shawbrook Bank, Brentwood

Shawbrook Bank, a specialist financial services company that combines the innovation of fintech with the certainty of a bank, is currently hiring a CDD Specialist. The ideal candidate will preferably hold a qualification in financial crime prevention or anti money laundering and have a wide range of experience dealing with private companies, government entities, trust and offshore jurisdictions. Find out more here.

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