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Starling bolsters support for bereaved customers through partnership with Settld

Starling Bank hopes to remove some of the pains of “sadmin” for their customers by partnering with SaaS product Settld.

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Starling Bank is hoping to make things easier for their bereaved customers by partnering with end-of-life admin service Settld.

The partnership will streamline account administration for those who are handling the affairs of a Starling bank customer who has passed away.

The SaaS product, which simplifies end-of-life admin for bereaved individuals, enables deceased customers’ next of kin to notify the bank, and any other relevant service providers, such as subscription services and mobile providers, all in one go.

Settld also helps customers transfer or amend accounts, obtaining date of death balances for probate.

“As a digital bank we pride ourselves on making life easier for our customers, and we are focusing renewed attention on those who are bereaved and vulnerable,” Starling head of customer service Charity Wood said.

“Through our new partnership with Settld, Starling Bank now offers an even better bereavement customer service and sympathy. We want our customers to know that we are here to help and that we care.”

The decision to partner with Settld followed a report published by the UK Commission of Bereavement in October.

The report said the treatment of bereaved individuals and families must improve, and that organisations across the UK should make end-of-life admin easier.

According to Settld, using its service will save customers up to 10 hours spent contacting companies following a death, and weeks, months or even longer spent trying to resolve accounts.

In addition to the big picture changes to help bereaved individuals, Starling and Settld have zoomed in on the small details of having to handle a loved one’s passing, removing the need for prefixes such as Mrs, Ms or Mr when corresponding with the bank.

“Working across the financial services sector, we see how Starling Bank stands out when it comes to approaching bereavement customer care,” Settld co-founder and CEO Vicky Wilson said. 

“Using Settld, bereaved families face significantly less effort and stress when it comes to informing Starling Bank and all companies of a death – giving bereaved people time to focus on what really matters,” Wilson added.

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