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Starling Bank to scrap £2 fees on extra Personal, Joint and Business accounts

Bank is also slashing the £60 it previously charged for an overseas card replacement to just £10.

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In the coming weeks, Starling Bank will scrap the fees it charges customers that have more than one bank account.

According to a tweak made to Starling’s terms and conditions, the bank is preparing to scrap the £2/month it previously charged on extra GBP personal accounts, joint accounts and business accounts.

The change was revealed on Sunday night after Starling messaged its customers alerting them to the changing Ts&Cs, and will come into effect on 21 November.

Starling has also done away with the £60 one-off charge it used to make for replacing a debit card overseas, with that cost being reduced to just £10 shortly.

“We know how stressful it can be to lose your card when you’re abroad. So to make things easier, we’ve reduced the fee for sending a replacement card,” the bank explained.

While the changes might appear minor, for business accounts in particular the removal of extra fees is significant. Many companies use multiple accounts to handle their cashflow and payroll and to keep track of payments.

Unfortunately, Starling says multiple business accounts are only available for limited companies for the time being, with sole traders excluded from opening additional accounts right now.

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