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Alternative investments fintech Ctrl Alt launches

The Ctrl Alt app aims to help democratise investment into alternative assets for “the everyday” consumer.

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Ctrl Alt

Ctrl Alt, a new fintech startup offering a marketplace for tokenised alternative investments, has launched to retail investors.

The London-based company was founded by Matt Ong (its CEO) Ele Ward (CMO) and Jordan McMullen (COO) in 2022. It offers investors ‘digital shares’ in property and sustainability projects from as little as £10. 

Initially, it will only be available to UK residents but has plans for a wider European launch. 

“At the heart of Ctrl Alt is our innovative technology and structure, built with years of expertise and most importantly, with our end user at its core,” said Ong. 

“We’re on a mission to open up the previously exclusive world of alternatives and challenge the notion of ownership. Now more than ever, investment opportunities must diversify and provide access,” he added.

The company has a partnership with blockchain provider Algorand which tokenises and records the assets’ ownership.

Ctrl Alt tokenised a house as its first asset over the summer for early users and its first asset for the wider public launch is a holiday home-rental asset from its partner The Tiny Housing Co.

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