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Klarna taps Clarity AI tech to showcase sustainability data on tech brands

Shoppers using Klarna’s app will now see eco-badges attached to the electronics products they buy.



Buy now, pay later shoppers who use Klarna’s app will soon be able to review the environmental and sustainability credentials of the tech brands they buy.

The move is part of a partnership between Klarna and Clarity AI, a New York-based sustainability data provider, that is designed to help promote more environmentally conscious brands.

It builds on the work Klarna already did last year in adding a C02 emissions tracker to its app that helps shoppers track how much C02 their shopping is creating.

“Now, we are taking it one step further by providing Klarna’s more than 150 million shoppers with reliable and transparent metrics for electronics brands, helping shoppers to not only understand the impact of their purchases but also to make more environmentally conscious decisions going forward,” said Salah Said, head of sustainability at Klarna.

Klarna’s eco-badges will only be applied to products in the electronics category for now, and will indicate whether brands have lower greenhouse gas emissions, higher renewable energy usage, climate change policies or roadmaps, and whether a company is transparent in the reporting of this information.

"With more than 2m daily transactions processed by Klarna, this initiative can have a significant collective effect, showcasing the scale and potential that Clarity AI can power and unleash as we make our sustainability metrics accessible to consumers," said Angel Agudo, head of product and member of the board of directors of Clarity AI.

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