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Property Partner rebrands as London House Exchange

A rebrand of Property Partner comes just over a year since it was acquired by US US digital homeownership platform Better.

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Vishal Garg/Better.

Property Partner, a fractional property investment platform, has rebranded to London House Exchange.

The rebrand follows an additional £2.4m of investment from US digital homeownership company, Better which acquired the company in 2021.

Better offers mortgages, home insurance and other property-related services. 

This includes $100bn in home financing, $4.6bn in real estate transaction volume through its realtor service Better Real Estate and over $38bn in coverage written through its insurance arm.

London House Exchange is the original name of Property Partner, founded by Daniel Gandesha in 2014.

It now has £120m of fractionalized property assets under management and over 8,000 investors using the platform from over 80 countries, it says, with £55m of property shares have been traded.

“The name London House Exchange speaks directly to what we already do and reflects our plans for a truly international trading exchange,” said Warren Bath, CEO of London House Exchange. 

"Only on LHX are our clients from across the world able to instantly buy and sell shares in UK properties, delivering liquidity today to an otherwise illiquid asset class."

“Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, worth more than shares, stocks and bonds combined, and residential property makes up approximately 75 per cent of this total. However, unlike those other asset classes, property transactions take months rather than seconds. Our mission is to successfully make property assets liquid and tradable at global scale,” said Michael Lamont, CEO of Better UK.

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