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Would you boomerang back to your former employer?

A surprising 20 per cent of job hoppers return to their former employee at some stage, writes Jobbio's Aoibhinn McBride.

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Sometimes when it comes to changing careers, the grass isn’t always greener: an increasing cohort of workers are leaving new jobs to return to former employers in a new workplace trend known as “job boomeranging”. 

First coined by Anthony C. Klotz, associate professor of management at UCL School of Management in London, job boomeranging is a direct response to the pandemic-induced period known as the Great Resignation (another term that comes courtesy of Klotz) where thousands of employees quit their jobs in the hopes of securing better pay, increased flexibility and crucially, job satisfaction. 

No pain, no gain?

According to data compiled by Indeed and Glassdoor, an increase in salary is the primary reason people look for a new job, something compounded by the fact that those who change jobs frequently find themselves earning more than those who stay put. 

However, in a separate study of 1,950 people across the UK, US, France, Germany, Netherlands and Mexico conducted by workforce management provider UKG, 43 per cent of job hoppers admitted that in hindsight their previous job was better overall and nearly 20 per cent have done something about it by returning to their former employer shortly after starting a new job. 

Back for good

For many employers, tapping into a pool of talent that already knows how the business works and doesn’t need to receive training or onboarding outweighs any kind of broken trust or breakdown in collegial relations. Former employees who have spent time away from a company before returning can also bring a fresh perspective and insight into what the competition is, or isn’t doing. 

In 2019, more than 10 per cent of Microsoft's hires were former employees, and at LinkedIn in the UK, 5 per cent of all new hires in 2021 were boomerangers who returned to the company.

There’s also the morale boost the return of a prodigal former employee can bring, not to mention how beneficial foreboding tales of the unknown can be in helping to retain current staff tentatively contemplating a potential move of their own.

And for the employees returning to the fold, having the inside track on how people work is an invaluable resource in a new role, especially if you’ve returned to a more senior position. 

That being said, sometimes not even the lure of knowing the intricacies of how an organisation functions can be enough to prolong the lifespan of your relationship with an employer, and often a fresh start is the only way to future-proof your career in the long run. 

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