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FinTech Alliance and Seedrs partner to find the next Revolut

The two companies are hoping to support the founders building the products and services “that will shape the world of tomorrow”.

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Louis Williams & Emily Fitch-Deeley/Fintech Alliance & Seedrs.

Government-backed digital community FinTech Alliance is partnering with investment platform Seedrs.

The collaboration will allow FinTech Alliance, a digital ecosystem that “brings together and champions” the UK’s fintech community, to connect companies looking to raise capital with Seedrs.

First, the Seedrs team will help fintechs get onboarded and set up their campaign, and then FinTech Alliance will support them by promoting their campaigns and connecting them to potential investors and other founders.

“At FinTech Alliance, we are well placed to help the UK fintech community through what promises to be an interesting yet challenging year ahead. We will support fintechs with access to funding, partners, talent, insights and more,” FinTech Alliance community manager Louis Williams said.

“However, we can’t do this alone. Collaborating with companies like Seedrs enables our platform to be much bigger and shows that FinTech Alliance is part of a supportive ecosystem across the UK.”

Williams explained that the partnership will allow the company to support fintechs to look at all the funding options available to them.

FinTech Alliance will support those who decide to raise money on the Seedrs platform by providing insights on fundraising in addition to supporting the campaign.

“At Seedrs we recognise the power of partnerships and meaningful collaboration to drive innovation across our industry,” Seeds head of partnerships Emily Fitch-Deeley said.

“Over the years, we’ve hosted some of the UK’s most disruptive and game-changing fintechs on our platform.”

The online private investing platform enables individuals to invest in startups, growth companies and, for eligible investors, top VC funds.

It also allows entrepreneurs across all sectors to raise funds from their communities, angles and institutional investors.

Since launching in 2012, more than 1,800 deals have been funded through Seedrs, with more than £2.3bn invested on the platform so far.

“This strategic partnership with FinTech Alliance will allow us to help propel the financial technology businesses that are building the products and services that will shape the world of tomorrow,” Fitch-Deeley continued.

“Who knows, we might be about to find the next Revolut!

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