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Is 'resenteeism' killing your career?

Staying in a job because you're afraid of the unknown or of leaving during an unstable time market? You could be suffering from 'resenteeism', Jobbio's Aisling O'Toole writes.

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What do you get when you mix a rising cost of living crisis with mass layoffs across the tech sector and add in a skills shortage caused by The Great Resignation? Combined, this has left teams tighter than ever. Welcome the word “resenteeism” to your vernacular –– and potentially your work Whatsapp group chat.

Resenteeism is a term coined by management software provider RotaCloud, and refers to workers who remain in a job they should have left, but stayed in due to a fear of the unknown, or a fear of moving jobs during a precarious time.

Real scenario

With over one-third of UK employees saying they are unhappy in their role, according to the world’s largest study on happiness, resenteeism is a very real scenario for British professionals.

Employees experiencing resenteeism are essentially unhappy with their job for any number of reasons and tend to manifest a growing resentment of their workload, their employer and often their colleagues.

Unlike “quiet quitting”, which sees people do the bare minimum to succeed at their job, resenteeism can have a very harmful effect both on your mental health, your career and your relationship with your colleagues.

Signs you are suffering include rude and dismissive communications with colleagues, a lack of commitment to the job and ongoing lateness with projects and targets, due to disinterest.

It stands to reason that spending eight-plus hours per day in an environment you no longer find fulfilling or challenging is going to impact your mental health, but even if you find a way to separate the day job from your personal life, resenteeism can impact your ability to find your dream role when you finally decide to make the leap.

Those who fall victim to resenteeism can see their professional reputation take a nose-dive as colleagues and managers will pick up on the disengagement or are forced to take up the slack from underperformance. Similarly, when interviewing for a new role, the best way to ensure success is to prove your value to a new employer by highlighting recent wins in the workplace –– something that becomes more difficult when you start to disengage. 

What can you do if you start to experience resenteeism?

Perform An Audit

Identify what the real problem is. Are you no longer challenged or are you overworked, or perhaps the management style of your company has changed in recent months. Once you understand the cause of your resentment you can either take steps to rectify it –– or admit that it’s time to move on.

Speak Up

If the cause of your resenteeism is caused by the workplace, speak to your colleagues. Maybe they’re feeling the same way, and if they are you could formulate a group case to change things. Even if speaking to management doesn’t change the situation, speaking to colleagues will protect your reputation and provide an outlet that will help your mental health.

Take The Leap

It’s never a good time to take a leap of faith, but if you’ve tried everything to improve your happiness at work and continue to fail then it’s time to switch roles. If you’re nervous about layoffs, do your research and identify areas or companies who are growing and offer more security, the AltFi Job Board is full of opportunities. Below, you’ll find a taster of what’s on offer.

Internal Controls Senior Analyst, Monzo, London

The Role: As Internal Controls Senior Analyst at Monzo you will work to develop, embed and maintain a scalable financial control framework across Monzo that covers financial and regulatory reporting.

The Responsibilities: You'll monitor and improve controls, perform process walkthroughs, support internal and external audits on controls validation and help design effective controls performance reporting.

The Requirements: You are a qualified accountant or working towards qualification with experience working in internal controls or internal audit at a Big Four, or similar. Plus, you will have prior banking experience within regulatory reporting, along with a great eye for detail.

Apply for the Internal Controls Senior Analyst role or browse all available roles at Monzo.

Program Manager, Ripple, London

The Role: As Program Manager at Ripple you will work with the wider team to use blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to create powerful gains in financial efficiency, equity and inclusion.

The Responsibilities: You will partner with stakeholders across the company to ensure it has an achievable, integrated financial and operational plan while continuously monitoring progress.

The Requirements: Comprehensive experience as a project or program manager, experienced across complex, multidisciplinary teams and exceptional business judgement is required, as is the ability to create sound frameworks to drive decisions.

Get more information on the Program Manager role at Ripple or browse all available roles at Ripple.

Head of Data Science, Cleo, London

The Role: As Head of Data Science at Cleo you will be responsible for enabling the company’s Data Science team to create possibilities.

The Responsibilities: You will line manage data scientists, leveraging your experience to mentor them in their work and career development, as well as leading Cleo’s data science chapter, and working with its engineering and product teams to pave the pathway for existing and new workstreams

The Requirements: A record of building and leading a high-performing data science team within a scaling organisation is needed. Strong technical skills and experience as a lead data scientist working with neural networks, NLP or deep learning is also required..

Get the full job spec for the  Head of Data Science role or find more openings at Cleo.

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