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Exclusive: Lightyear launches portfolio insights feature

The investing app wants to empower customers to make informed decisions with more transparency and clarity around profit and loss.

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Martin Sokk (left) & Mihkel Aamer/Lightyear.

On a mission to “create successful investors,” stocks trading app Lightyear is launching new ‘Portfolio Insights’ for all users.

The new feature is designed to help users diversify their investments by showing them clearly which sectors, companies and countries they’re investing in with Lightyear.

It is also launching a portfolio profit and loss explainer alongside the insights feature, which it hopes will provide more transparency around the most important figures for investors.

“Diversification is key when it comes to building your investment portfolio and managing it sustainably for years to come. But often it’s really tricky — especially when holding both ETFs and single stocks at once,” Lightyear co-founder and CEO Martin Sokk said.

Users will get a full breakdown of their investments across ETFs and stocks with the new feature.

So if, for example, their portfolio is 50 per cent Apple stock and 50 per cent VUSA (Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF), which has 30 per cent in tech, then the Portfolio Insights will show tech exposure at 65 per cent.

“Investing has for too long been too complicated, which is why Lightyear has always had an intense focus on delivering the best user experience through an intuitive, transparent design,” Sokk told AltFi.

“We’ve built a pretty amazing brokerage, but it’s not just an execution venue. We truly want every investor on Lightyear — novice or advanced — to have the best tools in one place for all their investment research and tracking.”

The two new features add to a number of products Lightyear has launched since it went live in 2020, including in-app earnings calls, which it introduced earlier this year and 90 new German stocks and ETFs.

Founded by Sokk and chief technology officer Mihkel Aamer, both Wise alumni, Lightyear  raised a $25m series A equity round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sir Richard Branson last July and is currently live in 21 countries.

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