News Digital Banking launches customisable virtual and physical card issuing

The payments provider has already issued millions of cards.


Payments solution provider is branching off in a new direction with the launch of card issuing.

The physical and virtual ‘Issuing’ adds to the fintech’s expanding product suite, following on from the launch of online marketplaces and a new fraud detection and authentication feature in the last six months.

Millions of cards have already been issued over a period of testing, with one brand, personal grocery shopping app Jow, having even issued more than a million cards itself.

“We use bespoke, single-use, virtual cards which can have specific value limits and expiry dates, which not only makes it easier for our customers to get their groceries, but helps prevent fraud and easily manage our supply chain,” Jow co-founder and CTO Antoine Maillard said.

“We can also find new revenue streams through integrating card issuing with the wider payments value chain, and deliver joined up funding of cards to optimise cash flow.”

Brands are able to own and differentiate their cards in a variety of ways, whether that’s virtual, single-use cards like Jow, or sustainable physical cards that use recycled materials, or branded cards with bright colours.

The card issuing feature will integrate into’s wider payments stack so businesses can easily move funds across physical or virtual cards and automate spend outcomes with custom rules.

“Card issuance and embedded finance have exploded over the past few years as sectors like online travel, marketplaces and digital banking use payments to stay at the heart of their customers’ financial lives,” CPO Meron Colbeci said.

The increasing popularity of embedded finance, as consumers feel less tied to banks for financial products, is evident in the numbers.

Revenue from embedded finance is expected to reach $121bn in the UK and Europe alone by 2029 — up by 187 per cent from 2022 — and to reach $7.2 trillion globally by 2030.

According to, as the sector grows there are an increasing number of global brands and sectors in addition to fintech and tech companies that are looking to create card programs moving money in new and creative ways. Issuing is built on open, flexible APIs that mean businesses can create purpose-built card programmes, enhance cash flow and unlock new revenue opportunities,” Colbeci added.

“Our latest product is built for businesses looking for a modern and bespoke payment experience to offer their customers, building brand loyalty and providing them with new ways to manage, control, spend, and move money in a digital world.”

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