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Klarna creates plugin with ChatGPT to make shopping more smoooth

CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski said the collaboration passes his ‘north star mom test’: it's something she'll both understand and benefit from.

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Klarna has just become the latest company to integrate with ChatGPT.

The ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) giant is collaborating with OpenAI to bring ‘smoooth’ shopping to the AI chatbot.

With the integrated plugin, Klarna and ChatGPT will offer users a “highly personalised and intuitive shopping experience” with curated recommendations and links to shop through Klarna.

"I’m super excited about our plugin with ChatGPT because it passes my ‘north star’ criteria that I call my ‘mom test’, i.e. would my mom understand and benefit from this,” Klarna co-founder and CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski said.

“And it does because it’s easy to use and genuinely solves a ton of problems — it drives tremendous value for everyone.”

Consumers will be able to install the Klarna plugin from ChatGPT’s plugin store, ask for shopping ideas and the chatbot will automatically choose when to use the plugin based on the conversation.

Users can then give feedback or ask more questions to get additional recommendations, and by tapping through the product link will be sent to Klarna to purchase the item.

So if you’re looking to buy a new pair of headphones, for example, you can ask ChatGPT to recommend some options within your budget, and it will automatically use Klarna to generate options.

You could then give ChatGPT feedback and say, for example, that you want a black pair of headphones, and it will regenerate options based on your feedback. 

The plugin will be rolled out to ChatGPT plus subscribers in Canada and the US first before gradually being enabled for other users “following a period of safety testing, development and improvement”.

Klarna is in a unique position to leverage the best technology and data to help people discover new products and solve problems for consumers at every stage of the shopping journey, and we’ll continue innovating to bring these services to our 150 million consumers,” Siemiatkowski added.

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