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A new BNPL product has dropped from German fintech Unzer: ‘upaylater’

The white-label BNPL product will be available to Unzer’s merchants.

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Robert Bueninck/Unzer.

German fintech Unzer is entering the ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) market with the launch of its new product ‘upaylater’.

It says it is integrating invoice and instalment payment methods and direct debit through a single interface, making it easier for merchants to meet the growing demand for BNPL services.

Using a white-label approach, Unzer is using its knowledge of invoices, instalments and guaranteed direct debit with data and technology to help merchants integrate BNPL into their shops.

“Unlike most of our competitors, Unzer does not target end customers. The entire customer relationship remains with the retailer,” Unzer CEO Robert Bueninck said.

“This also means that we don't use customers' data to offer them other products. Unzer wants to be a pioneer in the field of responsible invoice and instalment purchases. That's why we anticipate potential regulation when we design our products.” 

According to Unzer it conducts a responsible risk assessment to protect consumers from getting into debt, using a number of parameters including date of birth and address to check a customer’s identity and creditworthiness.

Any customer that has outstanding invoices or exceeds their level or receivables must pay for a purchase in full before they’re able to make further BNPL purchases.

Unzer says it will look to expand its market share in BNPL services in the future.

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