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Klarna relaunches ‘Money Talks’ game as Brits get more comfortable discussing finances

The majority of UK adults now feel comfortable talking about money.

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While Brits would still rather talk about basically anything other than money — whether that’s politics, sex or break-ups — we are, slowly but surely, getting more comfortable with the topic.

The cost of living crisis is still a huge worry for many people in the UK and has increased the number of adults worrying about their finances by 4 per cent (48 per cent in 2023 vs 44 per cent in 2022), but it could also be leading to healthier conversations around money.

In fact, the majority of adults in the UK now feel comfortable discussing personal finances with friends and family, up by 28 per cent from last year, according to YouGov and Klarna polling.

Gen Z, perhaps unsurprisingly, is most at ease with the topic, with 67 per cent now feeling comfortable talking about money.

“Our research tells an encouraging story about how young Brits are taking greater control of their personal finances and breaking taboos by being more open with how they manage their money with friends and family, but we want to get even more people talking and opening up,” head of Klarna UK Alex Marsh said.

Their comfort could also be attributed to a wider trend around increased financial responsibility — 79 per cent of millennials are interested in their personal finances (compared to 64 per cent last year) versus 54 per cent of Gen Xers and 50 per cent of baby boomers.

Hoping to help continue boosting these numbers, Klarna is relaunching its ‘Money Talks’ card game, first released two years ago to get consumers talking about money.

Initially released in collaboration with popular podcasters, the game was made available online with limited edition physical packs available to win through a raffle.

The game has since been played more than 40,000 times, and consists of three levels and a wildcard round, each touching on different themes like relationships, personal habits and financial basics, to encourage users to have open conversations about money.

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