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Molo launches 24-hour ‘Rapid Remortgage’

The digital lender’s automated decision technology will streamline the remortgaging approval process.

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Francesca Carlesi/Molo.

Molo Finance has launched ‘Rapid Remortgage’ to help investors get an offer on their buy-to-let mortgage in just 24 hours.

The digital lending platform is shaking up the typically long and cumbersome remortgaging process, streamlining the approval timeline for customers.

Automated decision technology on property and rental valuations speeds up the time to offer, and with Bank of England base rates rising, Molo aims to help those hoping to lock in lower rates.

“The customer experience is always at the forefront of everything we do,” Molo co-founder and CEO Francesca Carlesi said.

Molo’s automation engine streamlines the remortgaging process and offers approvals in just 24 hours, at competitive rates to help landlords save time and money. It means they can achieve their goals sooner, even in the current climate.”

Alongside the accelerated approval process, Molo is also offering reduced mortgage rates, with both two-year and five-year fixed options.

According to the digital lender, using automated property and rental valuations, and its automated-decision making system, will enhance all its remortgage applications, speeding up the time to offer.

An offer, where eligible, will be issued within 24 hours of an application.

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