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Revolut launches ‘Crypto Collections’ for multi token investing

The new feature groups together more than 100 tokens into collections based on their underlying technology.

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On a mission to build the ultimate crypto offering, Revolut is now launching ‘Crypto Collections’.

The feature groups the more than 100 tokens available on the Revolut app into collections based on various factors related to their underlying technology, such as NFT, metaverse or gaming.

Customers will be able to buy an entire collection and spread their investment evenly among all the tokens or track the collection as a whole.

Expanding on its crypto education feature ‘Learn and Earn’ which launched last July and quickly saw one million users completing the short courses, Collections prompts users to learn about the technology behind each token and make investments based on knowledge over hype.

“With Collections, users can discover new tokens based on the underlying technology and understand more about what the protocol behind the token does,” senior product owner crypto at Revolut Narmin Ibadullayeva said.

Spreading their risk, users will be able to select areas of interest and spread their investment over a number of tokens rather than having to pick individual ones.

“For example, you might think that a certain domain is going to play an important role in the future, but you don’t know how to act on this theory,” she continued.

“With Crypto Collections, you can easily see all tokens that are related to that area, as well as spread your investment across all the related tokens on Revolut.

The feature is now available across all Revolut plans with a minimum investment amount of £1 per token in the collection (for standard users).

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