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New AltFi Research report: Alternative Lending During A Downturn - Strategic Insights From B2B Lenders

Download our latest AltFi Research report today on the key decisions that business lenders are having to make.


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It’s hardly necessary to say business lenders in Europe are under immense pressure from all sides.

Whether from deteriorating macroeconomic conditions piling stress on borrowers or institutional investors wanting ever more scrutiny on their portfolios, the challenges are profound.

Common wisdom might suggest this presents a perfect storm for the B2B lending community that this report is focused on, however, our results show quite the opposite.

Alternative lenders have emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic stronger and more resilient than ever, and are more than holding their own in this recessionary environment.

AltFi Research, in partnership with kennek, is proud to present our latest report on this topic, Alternative Lending During A Downturn: Strategic Insights From B2B Lenders

This report delves into the challenges of lending during an economic downturn, from attracting institutional investors to monitoring and managing loan portfolios under pressure.

In the coming pages, you’ll find the results of three separate pieces of work; the results of an extensive survey of over 40 European business lenders, a write-up of an intimate breakfast discussion on how lenders are harnessing data and a series of interviews on the strategic priorities of B2B lenders. 

We hope you enjoy reading these strategic insights on how lenders are adapting and adjusting during these challenging times.

A special thank you to all of the lenders who contributed their valued insights for this report and took part in AltFi and kennek’s Survey 2023.

Download our latest AltFi Research report, Alternative Lending During A Downturn: Strategic Insights From B2B Lenders, today.

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