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As UX jobs become vital for crypto companies, here's how to get hired

Ready to look for a new UX opportunity and transfer your skills and expertise in an emerging sector? Aoibhinn McBride from Jobbio shares her top tips.

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While the jury is still out on Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the Metaverse, mass adoption of Web3 is looking far more likely with advances in blockchain technology spurring on the next phase of the internet. 

Crypto exchanges have been in existence for over a decade—Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by an unknown person or persons using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto which means "clear thinking, quick witted" in Japanese. 

Blockchain is now also increasingly underpinning other sectors such as healthcare, real estate, smart contracts and voting systems, but there continues to be a disconnect with user interface and user experience.

Connecting The Dot.coms

One thing standing in Web3’s way is complicated crypto user interfaces that are not only difficult to navigate, but inaccessible for those who are unfamiliar with blockchain jargon. 

This is despite the fact, the global blockchain market was valued at £5.79bn in 2022 and is set to grow £132.30bn by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 56.3 per cent.

“The crypto and digital asset economy is still a massive knowledge void for most of the world outside of the small percentage who participate in it full time,” says Casey Wilcox, chief technology officer at Hatchfi, a crypto integration platform that securely connects users' crypto accounts to any app, like they would a bank account.

“There’s no denying that a majority of newcomers to crypto and Web3 are turned off by the bad UX, many options, and potentially malicious products,” he stresses.

“While there’s many brilliant minds behind the scenes, really smart people don’t always build the greatest onboarding flows, leaving many users to feel overwhelmed and lost.”

Addressing The Void

Enter UX designers who can help crypto companies bridge this gap and shape the future of Web3 by putting convenience front and centre.

UX designers have been integral to the development of Web2—Glassdoor listed UX designer as one of its top 50 jobs to have in 2022, and Google considers it so important, it will lower the rank of a website if it thinks users won’t have a good experience.

And the need for UX designers shows no signs of slowing down as their skills can be adapted to fit the purpose of Web3, as Wilcox explains. 

“Good UX developers shouldn’t have much trouble translating their skills and pivoting into the crypto space. It’s ripe for strong developers. The tech/principles don’t really change,” he confirms. “But you’ll see more importance placed on the community and first design.”

The even better news for those working in different areas is that it’s also possible to pivot to a career in UX if you have a background in coding. 

As developers are used to working in an agile environment and reacting to feedback, they can leverage their knowledge to creatively solve user experience problems like they would frameworks and development environments.

Wilcox's additional advice to those interested in shifting their focus towards crypto? Learn about the community you are building for—are they traders, NFT collectors or long-term investors—and look to the UX community for input.

“Build and design with input from your community but ensure design standards are met. Feedback is everything.”

Discover UX Opportunities

Ready to look for a new UX opportunity and transfer your skills and expertise in an emerging sector? The AltFi Job Board has hundreds of opportunities across UX for product managers and developers.

UK-headquartered fintech Zilch, the world's first commerce card, is hiring a UX Researcher to champion a research-based human-centric approach to its product. The role is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow your UX research craft through strategic and hands-on work. 

If you’re a developer looking for an avenue into this field, S&P Software Solutions is currently seeking an innovative Senior UX Architect to oversee the design and implementation of user experience strategies for its products and services. 

Elsewhere, Citi is hiring an Enterprise Architecture UX Lead to design and oversee the execution of UX products through analysis, design and feedback.

Or if you want to work with a range of different organisations, Publicis Sapient is on the hunt for a UX Design/Strategy Lead to help organisations become more digitally-enabled. In this role, you will primarily work on its Salesforce Innovation Program to create new optimisation proposals and design detailed solutions.

For thousands of other opportunities in UX, browse the AltFi Job Board to find your perfect role

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