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Starling makes budget management easier with ‘Split payment’

The tool will automatically split and organise inbound payments like a customer’s salary.


Starling Bank.

Starling Bank has launched a new feature to help customers organise inbound payments across their account.

‘Split payment’ will enable customers to decide how much of incoming payments, such as their salary, is put away and where.

This includes across their saving spaces, joint accounts, additional accounts and children’s Kite cards.

“Our customers can take their budgeting to the next level with Split payment, and organise their finances in seconds,” Starling chief banking officer Helen Bierton said.

Users will be able to organise payments by value or percentage through ‘Split payment’, and funds will then be instantly organised.

The new tool aims to make it easier for current account and business current account holders to manage their money.

Customers can use the feature in their Starling app for any incoming payments received within the last three days, with no maximum or minimum value.

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