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Why developers are flocking to web3

For the developers and engineers who want to ensure their skills and expertise are adaptable, a pivot to web3 could be the solution, writes Jobbio’s Aoibhinn McBride.

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If you work in tech, there’s no escaping the chatter and hype surrounding Web3 and how the Internet of Value will change everything we know about digital ecosystems.

And for those involved in fintech specifically, the capabilities of blockchain technology—which underpins web3—combined with continuous advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) means their skillset is hugely adaptable too.

Being at the forefront of this new technology is also particularly attractive and empowering for developers as it permits open-source software development and collaboration beyond company borders.

This in turn facilitates the creation of more secure and accessible platforms while also making information more freely available, as Lukas co-founder and head of ecosystems at asset management platform Safe explains.

“Web3 represents a new paradigm for the internet—one that is decentralised, transparent, and empowers users to take control of their own data and digital assets,” he says.

“This enables more equitable and sustainable business models through decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), which give users and developers a say in how a project is run.”

Unlocking web3’s potential

Blockchain technology has been fuelling cryptocurrency since 2008, when an unknown person or persons using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto (the word "Satoshi" means "clear thinking, quick witted" in Japanese) mined the very first Bitcoin. But accessibility and large-scale adoption continues to evade the masses.

And although developers are pioneering this kind of technology, and the UK government has set out plans to make Britain a global hub for crypto asset technology and investment, Schor argues that in order to achieve mass adoption, other aspects including UX and smart accounts need to catch up.

“Technological advancement outside of the crypto industry will drive growth in Web3 adoption. In a world dominated by AI, there comes a need for better methods of verifying identity and provenance. Web3 identification software provides a much-needed solution for this issue,” he says.

“That being said, I’m cautiously optimistic about mass adoption. We’ve definitely made significant strides in recent years, but we still have a long road ahead. I believe that as more developers and companies start building on existing infrastructure, and as more users become aware of the benefits of decentralised technologies, we will see a gradual shift towards a more web3-based internet.”

In the meantime, for the developers and engineers who want to ensure their skills and expertise are adaptable and will allow them to pivot to a career in web3, aligning with a company that has its sights set on a decentralised future could be the solution.

If that is the case, the AltFi Job Board is the best place to start your search. It features thousands of jobs in fintech companies in the UK that are actively hiring, like the three below.

Senior Full Stack Engineer, MoonPay, London

MoonPay builds Web3 infrastructure for the crypto economy and its on- and off-ramp, NFT checkout and minting infrastructure provide end-to-end advisory and tools for all web3 needs in over 160 countries. It is hiring a Senior Full Stack Engineer to architect and develop new and existing products and features, work with product managers to come up with the best solutions and implementation plans for new features or changes to existing ones, implement UX and UI for MoonPay’s customer facing app and scale systems to support its ever-growing partner and consumer base. View more information here.

Director, Software Engineering - RippleX, Ripple, London

Ripple’s crypto solutions for financial institutions, businesses, governments and developers are accelerating the Internet of Value, and RippleX operates on the belief that realising Web3 hinges on how easily new technology works for more people. As Director of its software engineering team you will help build the next generation of tools and capabilities in areas including tokenization, interoperability and liquidity to help the community of developers build the next generation of blockchain-related applications and companies on the open-source XRP Ledger. See the full job description here.

Senior ML Ops Engineer, Zilch UK, London

Zilch is on a mission to create the best and most empowering way to pay and is looking for a Senior ML Ops Engineer to design the data pipelines and engineering infrastructure to support enterprise machine learning systems at scale. Working with data scientists, you will take offline models and turn them into a real machine learning production system, develop and deploy scalable tools and services to handle machine learning, support model development with an emphasis on auditability, versioning, and data security, and facilitate the development and deployment of proof-of-concept machine learning systems. Access more details here.

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