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New AltFi Research report: 2023 - Open Finance’s Moment To Shine?

Download our latest AltFi Research report today on how open finance is taking off.


AltFi Research.

After years of frustration, fresh excitement has been injected into the open banking community, courtesy of a new roadmap and direction set by the UK government.

This has the potential to improve basic API availability and performance, advance open banking payments, and pave the way to unlock both new financial datasets with open finance and non-financial datasets with what is being called “smart data”.

If the UK can become a smart data leader, then, as open banking trustee Marion King explains in Chapter 1 of this report, “it will strengthen the case for investment into the UK”.

Much hangs in the balance if the UK can place its next steps right, meanwhile, the rest of the world is forging ahead on its own journey with the US, Australia and Brazil among the global leaders.

AltFi Research, in partnership with Plaid and TransUnion, is proud to present our latest report exploring this topic, 2023: Open Finance’s Moment To Shine?.

This report delves into the present opportunities of open banking, the new possibilities presented by the UK’s roadmap, the emerging potential of open finance, plus much more.

We hope you enjoy reading the coming chapters and gain valuable insights into where the open banking landscape is headed next.

A special thank you to Marion King (Open Banking Implementation Entity), Huw Davies (Ozone), Brendan Jones (Konsentus), Natasa Kyprianidou (Publicis Sapient), Andrew Boyajian (Tink), Dr Eloise Taysom (Bud), Jess Turner (Mastercard), James Hickman (Ecospend) and Helen Child (Open Banking Excellence) for contributing their valued insights.

Download our latest AltFi Research report, 2023: Open Finance’s Moment To Shine?, today.

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