Invesdor Plays Host to IPO Segment

By Ryan Weeks on 25th June 2015

Equity Crowdfunding

The Nordic equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor is hosting part of an IPO offering.

Invesdor Plays Host to IPO Segment

The latest projects to arrive on the Nordic platform are Ahola Transport and Mooviecloud. The former of the two campaigns represents the first time that a Nordic crowdfunding platform has helped to finance an IPO. Aloha is in the process of listing on the Swedish Aktietorget. Indeed, the subscription period is already drawing to a close. But whilst the success of the offering has already been secured through existing subscriptions, the company is now looking for a top up. 

Backers can now participate in the offering by investing in Aloha through the Invesdor platform. The logistics company targeted a fundraise of between €1,494,000 and €2,490,000. €1,643,620 has already been raised, meaning the round will successfully close, it’s now simply a matter of how much money can be raised in the remaining 6 days. Aloha’s Invesdor campaign is only open to Finnish investors.

The success of the round reflects the hunger for liquidity among crowdfunding investors. Very few rounds within the alternative equity space come equipped with an established and liquid secondary market, upon which shares may be readily traded. Of course, the downside of an Aloha-like deal is that there is likely a lot less in the way of potential upside. Aloha Transport has been in business for 60 years.

Not all crowdfunded IPO segments end in glory. The Burgundy-based vineyard Domaine Chanzy attempted a £1.9m fundraise on Seedrs as part of an AIM listing. But the campaign fell short of the mark, and was ultimately stripped from the Seedrs platform.

All things considered, however, investment opportunities like Aloha (established companies, easily exited), alongside a range of investible seed-stage companies, allow Invesdor users greater opportunity to build a diversified portfolio within the platform. It's for them to take advantage. 


Louis Allain

02 Jul 2015 01:50pm

The following statement is simply not true, as a quick research will show. "Invesdor was granted an MiFID license by financial authorities in late April this year. The license permits the platform to offer both debt and equity crowdfunding services across all 31 EU and EEA countries – a rare and precious freedom." Invesdor even state on their own website: "Investing is possible if your local legislation does not specifically forbid investing into unlisted foreign companies." ( Besides as you mention in your article, "Aloha’s Invesdor campaign is only open to Finnish investors"... If they could they would probably open the campaign to rest of Europe. Not really a Pan-European platform! Until European institution comes up with a regional legislation on crowdfunding, the only way platforms can truely offer pan European investment is by complying with each local legislation, which often calls for some sort of license - thus a real local office and team. Cheers

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