Peer to Peer Business Shifts Gear in Europe!

By Sukhwinder Shoker on 1st July 2015

The Liberum AltFi Volume Index Europe rebounded in June from a previous decline in monthly volumes in May.  With €54.3m in financing, the industry saw a 30.4% month on month increase in origination volume. June’s origination volume falls just short of the Index’s record breaking month of €56.9m in March 2015.

Peer to Peer Business Shifts Gear in Europe!

This time last year AltFi Data reported the flourishing Peer to peer business sector in the UK Alternative Finance industry with platforms such as Funding Circle, Wellesley & Co and Assetz Capital exhibiting strong growth.

A year on, and it appears a similar trend is surfacing across the wider European industry. It has been a record breaking month for peer to peer business platforms according to the Liberum AltFi Volume Index. With new monthly origination records set by Linked Finance, Lendahand and Zencap. Year-on-year growth for peer to business lending stands at 202% in contrast to yoy growth of consumer lending at 137%. This month the FT wrote an article about volume in the UK business lending sector overtaking that of the consumer lending sector. Whilst the rest of Europe appears to be heading in the same direction, it may be some time, before we see SME lending volumes approach consumer lending volumes. 


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