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The Inside Scoop on the Eaglewood Deal

In the wake of today’s landmark acquisition of Eaglewood Capital Management by Marshall Wace, AltFinanceNews caught up with Simon Champ – Chief Executive of what is now Eaglewood Europe LLP – for his thoughts on the deal:

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AFN: How will MW Eaglewood work?

SC: In due course, business and investment strategy, research and business development will be led by the new manager – Eaglewood Europe, and will be independent of Marshall Wace LLP. The Manager and Company utilises and benefits from the state of the art back office and IT systems that a large and established asset manager such as Marshall Wace has built and operates.

AFN: How are you going to deploy money across the p2p space?

SC: The Company will invest via the leading platforms in the Consumer, SME and Trade Finance space across the globe, focusing on geographies where high quality borrowers and reliable credit data is available.

AFN: How far away is the investment trust from being listed?

SC: In coming months.

AFN: Will MW Eaglewood look beyond Europe and the US eventually? 

SC: We are currently focusing on Europe and the US, where the availability of credit data allows us to make granular decisions and create value for our shareholders. In due course, as platforms develop in other geographies with reliable credit data and can demonstrate a track record of originating high quality loans, the Company will consider the opportunity to invest via those platforms.

AFN: Is MW Eaglewood the first vehicle of its kind? What makes it unique?

SC: What makes it unique is the global presence in the p2p lending sector and the ability to utilise technology and infrastructure from a leading fund management company, Marshall Wace, that has demonstrated the ability to manage assets and deliver consistent value to its investors.

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