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Invesdor Launches New Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Finnish equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor has today launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on its own website. The company aims to raise between €750,000 to €1,500,000. The amount of equity on offer depends on the amount raised, ranging from 5.88 per cent to 11.11 per cent. The company’s pre-money valuation is €11.999.919,00, the number of existing shares is 30,769, each valued at €390. 

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Invesdor is a Helsinki-based equity crowdfunding platform that operates in Finland and in other several European countries, including the UK. Target fundraisers can be registered in either in Sweden, Estonia or Denmark – as well as in Finland. On the investor front, the minimum investment amount is €20, no upper investment limit is enforced and no fees are charged. Companies must meet specific requirements prior to posting their crowdfunding campaign on the platform, as outlined here.

This is not the first time that Invesdor has sought fresh capital via its own platform. Last year, the company raised €1 million from 143 investors, from 16 different European countries, at a pre-money valuation of €6 million. At that time, CEO Lasse Mäkelä revealed to AltFi his plans for expanding to the UK and the Netherlands.

Invesdor has revealed that the new equity capital will be used to boost its international operations, but further details have not yet been disclosed. €666.900 have been raised so far from 89 investors. The campaign will be live till 6th June. You may view it by clicking here

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