A Steady Summer for UK Origination Volume

The month of August showed no signs of a slump for UK alternative finance origination volumes with the Liberum AltFi Volume Index registering £286.9m in originations over the course of the month, just slightly down on July’s total of £292m. However overall month on month growth rates remained static with virtually no monthly origination growth since September 2015, illustrated clearly in the chart in Figure 1. Growth vs August 2015 was 26% - this year on year growth figure has been falling steadily, having been as high as 55% in the first few months of 2016. September 2015 saw origination volumes of £280m. If the recent trend continues and there is no pickup in origination volumes in September, the monthly year on year growth will be negligible.

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Figure 1: Liberum AltFi Volume Index monthly volumes

In terms of individual platform performance, Funding Circle took the top spot with £59.6m in origination recorded over the month, closely followed by RateSetter with £58.4m, a new record for the platform, and claiming the last spot on the podium was Zopa with £55.9m.

Aside from RateSetter, two other platforms recorded new monthly highs in August. Assetz Capital with £11.9m originated, marginally up from last month’s high of £11.8m, and

MoneyThing with £3.5m of loans originated, bettering last month’s high of £3m and registering its 5th consecutive month of origination growth.

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