Assetz Capital raises P2P interest rates for investors

By Moriah Costa on 13th April 2017

P2P/Marketplace Lending

The unusual move raises the rate of 30-day access accounts to 4.75 per cent.

Assetz Capital raises P2P interest rates for investors

For a limited time peer-to-peer platform Assetz Capital is making investing in small companies worth more.

The platform, which invests in small- and medium-sized enterprises and property developers, is raising the interest rates on its 30-day access accounts to 4.75 per cent from 4.25 per cent.

Investors have until 11 May to take advantage of the increase, which will give them the increased return for 90 days after the investment is made before returning to its original rate. The accounts invest in both long and short-term projects and interest is paid on a monthly basis.

“The 30 Day Access Account opens up the world of P2P lending to new investors who want the chance to earn a fair return, but also have a degree of liquidity on their invested capital in normal market conditions,” said Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital.

The company has invested over £235m since its founding in 2013. It has made its 18,000 registered investors a gross interest of over £20m. Investors can invest as little as £1 in a portfolio of diverse business loans, which vary from small business loans to renewable energy investments.

“The account is already a hugely popular and competitive choice in the P2P market and we’re expecting to see a sharp increase in lenders who take up this attractive limited time offer,” Law said.

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