This fintech will pay your bills for you

Paying bills manually is always a pain.

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Melbourne-based fintech offers automated bill paying, just email them your bills. 

Can you imagine never having to manually pay a bill again? And never having to waste time with plastic windowed envelopes appearing in the mail?

Melbourne-based fintech Gobbil launched commercially this week, offering a paperless and automated bill paying service. 

Once users email in their bills, the company will pay it for them after nominating a debit or credit card and checking they’re not scams.

“We decided to create Gobbill because we were finding it increasingly time-consuming to manage bill payments,” said Shendon Ewans, a co-founder of the business. 

“There had to be a better way to manage bills and still be in control of our payments.”

The startup launched after receiving money from Microsoft and Stay Smart Online, an arm of the Australian government. 

It targets those who “want to be in control of payments but are time-poor” and stresses that one of its major functions is guarding against fraud. 

“With Australians losing over $229 million to billing scams each year, Gobbill protects users from fake email bill scams,” the company said.

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