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Millennial Money Matters podcast: Episode 10, Brolly

Episode 10 of Millennial Money Matters focuses on Brolly, the first insurtech to be featured on the show. Brolly is an app which helps users to get on top of their existing policies, and to shop around for better ones. It's a kind of insurance ecosystem, sitting on top of established firms and providing a more user-friendly medium for interacting with them. Brolly's algorithms can scan a user's emails, collect up all their policies in one place (the Brolly locker) and then identify and help to eradicate any inefficiencies, such as a user being covered twice for the same thing. Brolly also recently launched its shop, which is a curated marketplace of insurance products, which can be purchased through the app. Our guest on the show is co-founder and CEO Phoebe Hugh. 

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