P2P lending platforms poised to join Nutmeg and Seedrs on Fidor marketplace

By Daniel Lanyon on 24th July 2017

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Fidor Bank is poised to offer access to more niches including fintech lending/investment platforms.

P2P lending platforms poised to join Nutmeg and Seedrs on Fidor marketplace

Partnerships between the many and various different companies in the many and varied fintech niches have been a strong trend in disruptive financial services in recent months.

While firms struggle to scale up, increase revenues and maybe even turn profit, the notion that ‘synergies' may exist between different firms has become a  new route to the tricky task of acquiring new customers.


One of the most interesting and recent of these partnerships is between challenger bank Fidor and host of other players such as digital wealth manager Nutmeg.  Fidor’s UK commercial customers can now access a whole suite of investment opportunities through the digital marketplace, including access to alternative investment opportunities via a number of the most respected fintech companies in the UK.

Fidor Bank is a digital bank with over 100,000 users across Germany and UK. It became an early-mover in the digital banking space when it launched in the UK in 2015. 

An update to the news of its partnerships marketplace from the company now suggests that investors and customers of Fidor will now also be offered a portal to invest in P2P and marketplace lending for those seeking alternative income sources as well as presumably lending options.

The firm said in a recent release: “...more leading fintech partners will be announced in the coming months as the scheme rolls out and is expected to include a number of debt based peer-to-peer platforms.”

Unfortunately, Fidor are keeping a lid on who the platforms are at present. Watch this space. 


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