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Meet the B2B robo advice firms targeting wealth managers and IFAs

B2B robo-advisers are aiming to change the world of wealth management.

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Automated technology isn’t just for millennials. 

Digital wealth management firms have been increasing in number in Europe and the US. Some financial advisers are turning to robo-advice as a way to complement traditional wealth services while start-ups like Nutmeg have partnered with technology firms to create product offerings

With one in five financial advisers set to launch robo-advice, there is plenty of opportunities for B2B firms to step in. But who exactly are they? Here we take a look at some of the top upcoming firms in the UK market. 

Wealth Wizards

Founded in 2009, this firm works with pension consultants and employers to provide automated investing services. It also white labels its technology to other firms, banks and financial advisers. LV=, an investment management firm, holds a majority stake in the company. 

Andrew Firth, chief executive and co-founder of Wealth Wizards, has been around the start-up scene for a while. Firth was part of the team that launched Egg, the UK’s first internet bank in 1998. 


Founded in 2015, Risksave helps match the risks and returns of the modern investor. The firm promises to “deliver higher returns with lower risk.” It doesn’t adhere to the most common investment theory, called the Modern Portfolio Theory that was developed in the 1950s. Instead it has it’s own investing strategy which CEO and founder Daniel Tammas-Hastings says takes into account the financial needs to today’s investor, such as retirement, healthcare and liquidity needs. While focused on B2B, the firm does plan to offer a retail offering soon. 


Fundment calls itself the automated investor for advisers and provides low-cost options for them to fight back against the rise of robo-advisers. The discretionary fund manager lets wealth managers focus on building their business and focusing on clients. Founded in 2014, the firm automates the operational side of investing, giving wealth managers’ clients access to information whenever they need it. 


This Los Angeles-based company is helping robo-advisers, wealth managers and IFAs around the world set up automated investment products for clients through its newest product, Emerald. The platform handles almost everything from onboarding to rebalancing and holding accounts and trading. The only thing it doesn’t do is give the end user financial advice.

The firm’s technology was used by robo-adviser Nutmeg when it launched its Lifetime ISA in April. 

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