The Sunday Rhymes

By Ryan Weeks on 15th October 2017

P2P/Marketplace LendingAlternative CreditChallenger Banks

A rhyming analysis of the week in fintech, composed using the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

The age of coexistence is done,

As is the time when banks refused to budge.

They won’t allow their customers to run,

They’ll tempt them with an offering of (corporate) fudge.

Another firm has noticed an aperture

To sell services which don’t hinge on inertia.

It won’t be the same as the banks it seeks to tame:

Its bank won’t be playing a zero-sum game.

Brussels believed a raid was due

To stop banks from stalling PSD2.

In sum, after a few years of getting along:

The platform-bank war’s back on.

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