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Aussie gov't awards $8m for blockchain development in Perth

The wildflower state is set to fix its water supply system with blockchain

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Australian government will provide funding for Perth to upgrade its energy system with blockchain. 

Aussie blockchain trading platform Power Ledger is among the companies about to be fed a slice of cake as a result of an A$8 million splurge on renewables and blockchain from the Australian government. 

The Australian government gave the go-ahead to a Perth infrastructure programme, which will use blockchain technology to help improve and integrate the city's separate energy systems. 

The funding shows both that the government is warming to blockchain as well as how new ideas are being brought in to tackle Perth's historic water problem.

Curtin University will manage the project and carry out the research underpinning it.

Professor Greg Morrison of Curtin University said: “We will develop a smart metering, battery storage and blockchain trading system to allow energy and water efficiencies between critical dispersed infrastructures that would otherwise have required physical co-location.”

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