Crowdcube acquires business reporting software Supdate

By George Geddes on 10th September 2018

Equity Crowdfunding

Supdate technology allows shareholders to monitor company's performance.

Crowdcube acquires business reporting software Supdate

Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has made progress in its goal of developing an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors following the acquisition of business reporting software company, Supdate.

The acquisition has been made to improve the connection between the Crowdcube-funded companies and their corresponding shareholders. The platform already provides the entrepreneurs access to Amazon’s launchpad programme. This programme gives support to selected startups and assists with launching and marketing their products on Amazon's new launchpad store.

Having launched in 2015, Supdate provides a platform for shareholders to monitor company news and performance. It offers easy access for shareholders to track goals and growth from month-to-month.

Crowdcube has funded over 600 companies since 2011 when it was founded. Its services allow experienced investors to select from a list of promising new companies to add to their already diversified portfolios.

Co-founder and CEO of Crowdcube, Darren Westlake says: “Ensuring businesses can easily connect with their shareholders to keep them updated is really valuable to our investor community”. Following a discussion with founder of Supdate, Duane Jackson, Westlake said “it quickly became obvious that Supdate would be a natural fit for Crowdcube and our growing Funded Club”.



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