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IBM releases open blockchain directory

Inspired by the Yellow pages, the registry improves accessibility to private networks.


IBM has collaborated with blockchain enterprise Hacera to launch a blockchain version of the Yellow Pages. Yesterday, Jerry Cuomo, vice-president of blockchain technologies at IBM, announced on the company’s blog the release of the information hub named Unbound Registry.

In the blog, Cuomo mentions the similarities with the Yellow Pages, explaining its usefulness and allowing companies to gain recognition because without it, “a business was hidden and only visible to those who knew about it via invitation”.

Unbound Registry lists the growing number of blockchain applications and allows the user to search, direct message and transact across a variety of blockchain solutions. This gives the opportunity for unlisted, private networks to become a member of the blockchain ecosystem.

IBM and Hacera hope that the registry will allow consumers and providers to safely transact between one another. The new project is showing its necessity already, having a list of respected members such as Huawei, Batavia and Hitachi.

Cuomo adds, “Since IBM began our blockchain journey, we have been committed to the development and use of open technologies. We realised from the start that you cannot do blockchain on your own; you need a vibrant community and ecosystem of like-minded innovators who share the vision of helping to transform the way companies conduct business in the global economy.”

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