Property crowdfunding platform set to launch

By George Geddes on 15th October 2018

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A new property crowdfunding platform named Assetz Exchange is set to launch in Q4 to act as a solution for the UK housing crisis.

Property crowdfunding platform set to launch

Assetz Exchange is soon to launch its crowdfunding platform in Q4 to enable users to easily invest in property.

The platform is Assetz’ latest venture, having previously launched the secured P2P lending platform, Assetz Capital in 2013. Over the past five years, Assetz Capital has lent over £600m to UK SMEs.

Users of Assetz Exchange can invest in the equity of a variety of properties, including student accommodation, rented houses and affordable housing. Investors can decide to invest in properties to be rented out or be built and sold dependent on the market’s demand. All properties will be fully managed.

Investor’s capital will be used to fund projects which will bring new housing to the market and act as a gateway for existing houses to be acquired.

Stuart Law, founder of the Assetz, said: “There is something very wrong with our housing market. Not enough houses have been built in the places that people want to live – and those that have been built are often priced out of reach of those that need them”.


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