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Digital wealth manager targets £7m fundraise

Tiller Investments provides investors access to risk-targeted portfolios that blend low-cost exchange traded funds, actively managed funds as well as thematic strategies.

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Tiller Investments, a new digital wealth manager that launched just five months ago, is seeking £7m in its series B fundraise in 2019.

The firm, founded by the due behind hedge fund boutique Ermitage, Ian Cadby and Jonathan Wauton,launched in July of this year and has already raised subscriptions of some £2.5m in the past three weeks.  

A spokesperson for Tiller said that the fund raise’s swift progress so far has occurred despite the Christmas slowdown and the volatility surrounding Brexit but that it would be seeking a further £4.5m to power its ambitous growth plans. These include expanding its tech capability and headcount as well its ongoing B2B strategy.

Sequential Ermitage, the owner of Tiller, is EIS approved and as a consequence have received some of those monies via EIS subscriptions.

To date Tiller Investments has raised in total c.£11m including an initial £2m from its senior management team.

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