Property Partner hits £30m in trades via its platform

By George Geddes on 15th January 2019

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The platform says being granted its Multilateral Trading Facility license has enabled many of its investors to trade their property shares.

Property Partner hits £30m in trades via its platform

UK’s leading property investment platform Property Partner has reached a landmark with its users having traded over £30m in property shares on its marketplace. The milestone represents nearly 38 per cent of the £80m the firm has raised from its investor base through its platform.

Property Partner enables its customers to buy shares in residential, student and commercial properties. The shareholder can then offer their respective shares to other investors via the platforms secondary market at a price the seller decides.

Following the European Union’s introduction of MiFID II regulations in early 2018, Property Partners was the first crowdfunding platform to be granted the Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) license by the Financial Conduct Authority. The license has enabled the company’s users to trade their property shares among other investors.

Since Property Partner’s launch in 2015, over 13,000 individuals have invested in 900 properties under the company’s management. The total value of the properties is in excess of £133m. The platform recently announced it sold its first two London properties worth £235,000 and £326,000.

Marshall King, CEO Property Partner, said in a statement: “Investing in property is usually a long-term commitment, but it’s clear many of our investors have taken the opportunity to trade their property shares thanks to our MTF. The average trading time for sold shares stands today at around 4 days, whereas selling an entire property would take an investor several months.”

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