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Fellow Finance expands in to Denmark

The expansion enables its users access to lending in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Finland and now Denmark.


Peer-to-peer lender Fellow Finance has expanded to Denmark, enabling its users access to invest in loans across five countries.

Having expanded in to Sweden in June last year, Fellow Finance’s Danish lenders can diversify their portfolios with Swedish, German, Polish and Finnish business and consumer loans. Fellow Finance is the only service which offers investment opportunities in to both business and consumer across five countries, according to the platform.

Finnish-based Fellow Finance was founded in 2014 with an objective to transform the traditional balance sheet bank lending to direct lending between individuals and companies. The platform has over 510,000 customers in over 50 countries using its services.

Jouni Hintikk, CEO at Fellow Finance, said in a statement: “The expansion to the Danish market makes it possible for Danish consumers to look for the best offers and lowest rates easily with the current 11 000 platform lenders. At the same time the investors using our platform can already diversify their investing portfolio to five different consumer loan markets in Europe and to business funding in Finland."

The platform says it is also planning to open business funding for small to medium size enterprises in Denmark in the future.

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