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AltFi launches Crypto for Earthlings podcast

AltFi’s new podcast series will unpack and explain the ever-more confusing world of crypto.


AltFi/Crypto for Earthlings

If you’ve found yourself confused by crypto, befuddled by Bitcoin, Crypto for Earthlings is the podcast for you.

The new six-part series is designed to unpack and explain the ever-more confusing world of crypto.

Join co-hosts Oliver Smith and David Stevenson as they explore different crypto concepts, abbreviations and acronyms every fortnight.

The series starts on Monday 25 March with a deep-dive into the background of Bitcoin, as Oliver and David are joined by

, head of research at Blockchain and a research associate at the London School of Economics.

Future episodes will tackle concepts like, why crypto mining is so important, whether the Bitcoin boom is over, and if “Stable” coins are all that stable.

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