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Crypto for Earthlings Episode 6: A stable coin?

In the sixth episode of AltFi’s crypto podcast, our hosts talk to crypto consultant James Bennett about stable coins.



If you’ve found yourself confused by crypto, befuddled by Bitcoin, Crypto for Earthlings is the podcast for you.

This week in our sixth and final episode of season 1, co-hosts

talk to Bitassist’s James Bennett about the concept of a stable coin, are they actually stable, and where stables are going next?

They also discuss the news around Bitcoin's rising price and

pops in to talk Crazy Crypto with news that CNBC went a bit Litecoin mad following recent price rises.

We’d love to hear what you think of the first season, so let the Crypto for Earthlings team know on Twitter

 or leave a review on iTunes.

Crypto for Earthlings will return...

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