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Money management app Emma just launched in the US

“We are now ready to take the company a step further," says CEO and co-founder Edoardo Moreni.

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Edoardo Moreni and Antonio Marino/Emma

As a wave of European fintechs flood across the US, money management app Emma today became the latest to launch in North America.

Emma is an account aggregator, similar to Yolt, which then analyses your spending to help you budget, track spending and save money.

“We are now ready to take the company a step further in order to achieve our mission faster. That’s why we are launching Emma in the US and Canada,” said Edoardo Moreni,Emma’s CEO and co-founder.

Last month US fintech giant Plaid revealed that it had helped Emma build its infrastructure in the UK, and is likely the partner Emma is working with for its North American launch.

"Emma was built to empower millions of individuals to live a better and more fulfilling financial life. The UK was the best place to start and iterate in order to build the first finance app in the world.”

The news comes as Monzo yesterday announced its US launch, and N26 said its own US launch was mere “weeks away”.

Moreni says Emma’s goal is to become an alternative to your banking app, and points to the app’s 100,000+ downloads as evidence as to its success.

At a time when account aggregation is becoming table stakes in digital and traditional banking, the question for the likes of Emma and Yolt is whether there’s enough space for pure aggregator apps.

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