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Game of Thrones star and Funding Circle back small bookshop campaign

The peer-to-peer lender said ‘everyone benefits when small businesses thrive’.

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By Charlie Gray

Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer (pictured) and Funding Circle are backing a campaign to get people to shop more at independent bookshops.

The Just A Book initiative, launched today, features London Underground ads of 15 celebrities - including Twiggy, Hayley Mills and Michael Palin - reading their favourite books.

The campaign is designed to keep UK high streets alive, which in particular, has seen the number of independent bookshops fall to 880 last year from 1,900 in 1995.

Peer-to-peer business lender Funding Circle has teamed up with local business lobby group, Just A Card, run by artist and founder Sarah Hamilton.

She set up the group in 2010 when she saw a quote by gallery owners who’d been forced to close, which read: “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’ we’d still be open.”

The campaign uses pictures taken by renowned portrait photographer Charlie Grey. Other famous figures used in the campaign include Richard E. Grant, Dominic Cooper and James Norton.

Funding Circle co-founder and UK Managing director James Meekings said: “Our philosophy is that when small businesses thrive, everyone benefits. Independent bookshops and retailers are important to the economy, and our local communities.”

Just A Card’s Hamilton added: "Everyone loves independents and wants to support them, but often we don’t appreciate how vital each and every purchase is. Just a book, just a card, just a coffee...they all add up and are critical to small business success.”

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