Ratesetter launches new “more liquid” portfolios

By Daniel Lanyon on 4th September 2019

Alternative Lending

The P2P lending platform has stayed retail investor focused in recent years while other larger players have opted to become happier to also target institutional investors.

Ratesetter launches new “more liquid” portfolios
Image source: Ratesetter

RateSetter is launching a set of new investment products with” increased levels of liquidity”, according to an update from the firm.   

The new products, which will be available on 3 October, will be based from one pool of money, as opposed to three separate pools currently. 

This means investors will be invested in a pool of assets that in time Ratesetter says, will be “billions of pounds deep”, improving liquidity. The three new products will be called Access, Plus and Max and target up 5 per cent return. 

Mario Lupori, Chief Investments Officer, said: “Peer-to-peer is becoming a third asset class, between cash and shares.  Some P2P models have disappointed but RateSetter is delivering.  Our new products will strengthen our position as the lowest risk and most liquid P2P investment.”

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