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Genuine Impact launches to empower the next generation of savvy stock traders

Riding a wave of low-cost trading started by Freetrade and Revolut.

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Truman Du, Alister Sneddon, Alex Sherwood and Yuchen Xi/Genuine Impact.

A new research tool for low-cost investors looking to sharpen up their stock-picking skills launched today.

Genuine Impact is courtesy of a team of former BlackRock, Interactive Investor and Facebook employees who realised that investors increasingly need better access to information about the stocks and funds they’re buying.

“For a long time, investment research was just for the city boys: wearing fancy suits, sitting behind four computer screens and crunching numbers, etc,” said Truman Du, Genuine Impact's CEO and Co-Founder.

Most stockbrokers, including low-cost disruptors like Freetrade and Revolut, aren’t authorised to offer advice, which leaves investors at a loss.

“We're making the kind of analysis that could only be done inside those large financial firms, possible for everyone,” added Du.

Genuine’s unique selling point is its bespoke ranking system which rates stocks and funds using 40 fundamental factors and based on Genuine’s algorithm.

The app also offers portfolio tracking and commentary from analysts from the likes of Blackrock, Vanguard and Fidelity.

The startup is launching today with a freemium model, including basic reports and summaries for free, and a 14-day trial of Genuine’s more detailed paid analysis which is currently priced at £9.99/month in the app.

It’s not the first time Genuine Impact has made headlines, in 2018 Du along with co-founders Yuchen Xi and Alister Sneddon led Genuine to become the youngest company ever to raise over £500,000 from a crowdfunding campaign.

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