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Starling debuts second TV ad as marketing blitz continues

The digital bank brought on a new marketing agency for its latest campaign.

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Starling's second TV ad.

Sunday’s Six Nations victory for England was punctuated with a fintech first, the debut of .

The ad, which follows Starling’s first TV ad in October 2019, focuses on the bank’s offering for businesses and is entitled ‘Helping Business Fly’.

It follows the journey of an entrepreneur in her shed/home office which “literally takes off with the help of the Starling app”.

“We wanted to do something different and authentic that hadn’t been done before,” said CEO Anne Boden.

“When business owners see the campaign, we want them to feel inspired and courageous. To see that they can do it as well.”

Unlike Starling’s first ad ‘Feel Good About Money’ which was designed by creative agency Ekstasy, this business-focused campaign was created by Starling’s new agencies Wonderhood Studios and Bountiful Cow.

Similarly the campaign will start on the TV, before expanding into radio and outdoor marketing.

The ad also builds on Starlings murmuration concept from its first ad, but this time stretching it into “a ‘murmuration’ of other SMEs”.

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