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Bunq users can now launch charity fundraisers through the banking app

Users can also invite other people to support a chosen cause through the newly-updated app.

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Dutch challenger bank bunq has updated its app to allow users to not only donate to a charity of their choice but also create their own charity fundraising pages as part of its latest update.

Through the app, ‘bunqers’ will now be able to create their own local charitable fundraisers and invite others to support them, such as donating to a local school for extra equipment or supporting local businesses that are unable to open during Covid-19. 

If this doesn’t interest users, they will now also be able to give back to their chosen causes and charities through the app.

Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of bunq, said: “bunq is built by and created for independent thinkers, who want every tomorrow to be better than today.”

“Rather than just building another transparent, socially conscious bank we’re taking it one step further with V3. So users get the freedom to spend, save and invest your money whichever way they like.”

The digital bank is calling its latest update the unveiling of its “‘swiss army knife style’ approach to banking.”

Following a few hiccups reported by early adopters of the latest version of the app, the beta version of Update 14 was available from Friday for users to test and report on any issues they might find. 

Niknam, who recently spoke at AltFi’s Digital Summit, added: “It’s not just an update. It’s a quantum leap for bunq so, it’s never been more important we ask our user’s for their opinion.”

Currently, 72 per cent of bunq users will choose eco-friendly companies as their investment preference.

Bunq says the latest version of the app “builds upon the zero-effort sustainable options” it already offers, such as both its Green and Supergreen subscription offerings that have helped bunq users plant over 100,000 trees so far and become CO2 free in less than two years.

Both Bunq’s Green and Supergreen offerings were so popular the digital bank ran out of metal cards to give to customers, although it has since replenished its supplies.

Bunq also recently expanded its partnership with Mastercard to roll out its eco-friendly bank account across 30 countries in Europe.

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